Who’s ready for some Bodhum Beach Bonanza ?! 



Final Fantasy Unleashed is proud to present a MATSURI for the month of August!
This is to celebrate our second annual Bodhum Beach Bonanza, a festival for fireworks, fun, friendship, and Final Fantasy! An event open to everyone— just turn left at the interdimensional rift!  

Fair skies and beaming sun, New Bodhum’s beach welcomes you to join us for some matsuri-themed fun! Try delicious food from festival vendors, cultural items from a distant land such as yukata, and even a bon odori! There will be games, there will be dancing, and there will be fireworks! Make your stay in New Bodhum memorable and join in the celebration of summer!

Bring your friends and family and have a nice relaxing day at the Bodhum Beach Bonanza! Wasshoi wasshoi! 

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